Onboard expertise

Our commitments

Our mission:

To provide a comprehensive solution for transport and logistics by organising the flow of goods and information.

We offer a wide range of complementary services managed synergistically, thanks to the training and commitment of our staff as well as regular investment in buildings, rolling stock and information systems.

Our key values:

  • Performance
  • Adherence to commitments
  • Sense of service / Ethics

Our advantages:

  • The financial resources, buildings and equipment to stay flexible, reactive and build long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Values defined, known and shared by all our people.
  • Extensive networks of reliable national and international partners.
  • Close links between all our branches to optimise flows.
  • Procedures and certifications in place for all Group activities and players.
Afaq ISO 9001

Our strengths:

  • End-to-end management of the Transport-Logistics chain.
  • A business with a human face, with dedicated contacts for each service.
  • Geographically strategically located branches.
  • Computerisation and hi-tech tracking, the key to zero-failure.
  • Quality: our driving goal for the continuous improvement of our efficiency through audits and action plans.

Safety and environment

Our Group is committed to environmental protection:

  • Waste collection and recycling.
  • Control and prevention of pollution risk (FCEP, ADR regulations).
  • Fleet modernisation, management and optimisation. Purchase of electric vehicles.
  • Driver training in eco-driving.
  • New vehicles fitted with software to analyse the following parameters:
  • Anticipatory driving, accelerator use, number of stops, fuel consumption, deceleration, braking…

Occupational safety

SOBOTRAM GROUP is committed to the continuous improvement of the safety of people and property and compliance with all regulations governing occupational hygiene, health and safety.

Here are some initiatives we have introduced:

  • Assessment of occupational risk and painfulness of work primarily by accident analysis.
  • Staff training in safety and hygiene rules.
  • Periodic inspection of facilities to prevent risks.

Our business sectors

Our Group works with customers in a wide range of sectors:

  • Manufacturing
  • Chemicals
  • Plastics processing
  • Packaging: plastic, cardboard
  • Large and mid-size retailers

Each sector requires specific expertise and our experience permits us to deliver our customers an efficient, perfect solution for them.